GCSE Options

What are GCSEs and why do I have to do them?
GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education. Your GCSEs can help you go on to further education or into work. GCSE assessments are made up of coursework and examinations, which will vary from subject to subject. Following the assessments, you’ll get your results and a certificate for each completed subject.

It’s important you do your GSCEs as best you can, as they’re the springboards into further education and will help with job prospects. Most application forms you’ll ever have to fill in will ask for your GCSE results.

Are GCSEs something to worry about?
No! They are there to be taken seriously, but shouldn’t cause you any distress or upset – in fact, some people even enjoy doing them and see them as a personal challenge.

Which GCSEs should I take?

In Year 9, you'll be asked to choose your GCSE options for Year 10 and Year 11. When considering which subjects to study at GCSE level, think about your own interests and your future plans and aspirations - which subjects are going to help you achieve plans?

This is an exciting time! You are in the driving seat now, and you are beginning to shape your own education! This is the first time you can focus on the subjects you like the most and feel you will do well at.

Atlantic Academy is now in a position to offer you four GCSE options, one of which must be either History or Geography, although you may choose to study both.

Core, compulsory subjects will remain the same; English, Maths, Science and core PE. The majority of students will also study a modern foreign language.

How many GCSEs should I take?

You should expect to take around nine subjects. Most courses and jobs you might want to apply for in the future require grades between 9 and 4 in a minimum of five subjects.

Please read the GCSE Options Booklet below - it will assist you in making your decision.

GCSE Resources for students and parents:

2021-2021 Options Booklet.pdf
A Guide for Students - GCSEs.pdf
A Guide for Parents - GCSEs.pdf

GCSE Option Presentations:

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KS4 Options 2021_2.pptx