Student GCSE Options

What are GCSEs?
GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) are what children and young people work towards achieving through their secondary education in the UK, culminating with a series of examinations in a variety of subjects. GCSEs are considered the launchpad into further education and improved job prospects for young people. The results are also used to compare how well schools are doing, as they reflect the academic success of their pupils.

While many young people enjoy the challenge of taking their GCSEs, there are others who will feel incredibly daunted by them, and it’s important this isn’t dismissed.

Why is this important?
Positive health and wellbeing – including mental health – contribute to a child’s ability to flourish, thrive and achieve (Public Health England, 2014). Equipping young people with the skills to cope with potentially stressful situations will enable them to navigate the challenges that might lie ahead.

If young people are nurtured in an environment that promotes positive wellbeing, not only are they likely to meet or exceed their potential during GCSE examinations, but they will leave school and embark on further education or employment much more confidently.

Which GCSEs should my child take?
This is really down to a combination of things, including their own interests and their future plans. They are in the driving seat now, and they are beginning to shape their own education! This is the first time they can focus on the subjects they like the most and feel they will do well at.

Atlantic Academy is now in a position to offer each student four GCSE options, one of which must be either History or Geography, although some students may choose to study both.

Core, compulsory subjects will remain the same; English, Maths, Science and core PE. The majority of students will also study a modern foreign language.

How many GCSEs should my child take?
Your child should expect to take around nine subjects. Most courses and jobs they might want to apply for in the future require grades between 9 and 4 in a minimum of five subjects.

Please read the GCSE Options Booklet - it will assist you in helping your child make the best choice for them. You will find information on the subjects we plan to offer, as well as details of how logistically we are able to do this.

GCSE Resources for students and parents:

2021-2021 Options Booklet.pdf
A Guide for Parents - GCSEs.pdf
A Guide for Students - GCSEs.pdf

GCSE Option Presentations:

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KS4 Options 2021_2.pptx