At Atlantic Academy students will take external public exams at the completion of their courses, usually at the end of Year 11. There are some subjects where they sit exams throughout their course, for example in BTEC qualifications.

All exam dates will be notified to you and your child in advance, including seating arrangements and required equipment.

We understand that exams can be stressful for students. If they are feeling stressed or anxious, they can talk to their teacher. As a parent or carer there are some useful tips on helping your child beat exam stress on the NHS website.

Students taking exams in 2021 will be assessed via Centre Assessed Grades. Please see the overview of the process announced by Ofqual in February 2021.

Exam checklist for students

Students will need:

A copy of their personalised timetable showing their seat number.

They MUST have a
clear pencil case or clear plastic bag containing ALL the following items for all of their exams:

Black Pen x 2
- HB pencil x 2
- Pencil sharpener
- Ruler
- Eraser
- Calculator – with no cover (preferably Scientific)
- Protractor
- Compass

Optional items:

- Highlighters
- Colouring Pencils
- Bottle of water (this must be in a clear unlabelled bottle and kept on the floor next to your exam desk )

Please note: Students will not be allowed iPods, mobile phones, MP3/4 players, or smartwatches or any device with a potential technological/web enabled source of information.

Exam rules for students

1. Students must be on time for all of their examinations.

2. Students must not become involved in any unfair or dishonest practice in any part of the examination.

3. Students must not:

• sit an examination in the name of another candidate;

• have in their possession any unauthorised material or equipment which might give them an unfair advantage.

4. Possession of a mobile phone or other unauthorised material is breaking the rules, even if students do not intend to use it, and they will be subject to penalty and possible disqualification.

5. Students must not talk to, attempt to communicate with or disturb other candidates once they have entered the examination room.

6. Students must follow the instructions of the invigilator.

7. If students are in any doubt, they can speak to the invigilator.

These posters will be displayed outside of the examination room

Unauthorised Items Poster

Warning to Candidates Poster