Assessment & Progress

At Atlantic Academy, we aim for young people to become happy, successful and responsible by learning the knowledge, skills and values which are important for society.

In 2019, we reviewed and refreshed our curriculum, including the programme of study. We also reviewed how we are assessing pupil progress and how best to communicate this with home.

Each curriculum area has mapped when they will use formal assessments, which allows students to prepare over time for the rigours of GCSE exams, with informal assessments inter dispersed throughout the curriculum year. Progress data will now be collated 3 times per academic year, and reported home to parents, along with a prediction of student progress based on current performance and how well students are demonstrating positive learning behaviours. These reports will be sent home in the second half of each term.

As part of our Trust wide developments in teaching and learning, we also introduced 6 great learning habits to students. By incorporating these learning behaviours into student activities in class and independent study, students will be able to reflect on their own progress and make steps to improve their knowledge and skills in each subject.

Instead of sending one annual school report, we have set times each year when student books will be sent home. This will allow students and parents/carers to review the work undertaken in books, the feedback provided by teachers to support pupils to improve and how students have acted upon this. Students will be asked to consider what they are proud of, and areas they want to improve upon; this self reflection is a powerful learning tool supporting students to take control of their own learning.

We ask that teachers formally mark work at least once every 3 weeks, dependent on the frequency of the classes, and that students act on feedback given to improve their own learning. Work will be sent home at the October and May half terms, and we ask that you take this opportunity to find out more about what students are learning in school.