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Atlantic Academy tops the leaderboard for Languages Championships!
16th March 2021

Students at Atlantic Academy have been trying out their language skills as part of the Education Perfect Languages Championships. This online competition allows students to complete activities for speaking, listening, reading and writing, and students can enter from across the world.

The competition opened today, and students were keen to get involved in this celebration of language learning. At the end of the first day we are the top performing school in the UK – an excellent effort from our small school community!

We encourage all students to get involved, try something new and challenge themselves. Well done to everyone who has taken part, and thanks to Mrs Gowan for organising this!

Red Nose day 2021 - Funny is power
16th March 2021

Plans for Red Nose Day have been finalised, with students very much enjoying working together as teams to plan activities. This has been a lovely way for students to reconnect as a school community following the return to school last week. All activities will take place during period 5 on Friday 19th March, which will also be a non-uniform day. Suggested donations of a £1 for non-uniform, and a further £1 for the ‘pay to play’ activities are to be made via our ParentPay page. Some students are also seeking sponsorship for a variety of activities, this can also be paid directly to Comic Relief via the ParentPay site.

Some students will be offering a journalist and photography service on the day, watch this space for photos of the action.

Lateral Flow Tests for home use
16th March 2021

We have now taken delivery of our lateral flow tests for home use, and will be issuing these to students on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th March. Full information on the use of the tests is included, and you may also want to watch this short demonstration video.

We ask parents and carers to undertake the test 3 to 5 days apart, and suggest Sunday evening and Wednesday evening. If family members are undertaking lateral flow tests as part of their job roles, we recognise it would be easier logistically to all take the tests at the same time, and are happy for families to plan accordingly.

Any positive tests must be reported to the school, via our dedicated email address We also ask that parents and carers report any test results which are void, where it has been impossible to retake the test.

Please do not hesitate to contact the office with any queries.