Covid-19 Home Testing

We are pleased to announce that all students have now returned to Atlantic Academy. Home testing kits will continue to be distributed, along with full instructions. A video guide to home testing can be found below.

Learning will continue be coordinated via our google classroom for students who are required to work remotely. If you wish to borrow a Chromebook to facilitate student learning, please contact the school office to arrange this. Additional devices are now available for students working at home, who previously may have had to share a device with a sibling.

We are really proud of the way that students have handled both the return to school and the mass lateral flow tests; there was much nervousness initially which students who have been in school and undertaking regular testing have been supportive in reassuring their peers.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our test team, who have volunteered to undertake the tests. The reassurance offered by the team has calmed many students and staff alike. We do, however, all look forward to getting back to supporting students in our normal roles when home testing commences.