Our Trust

Atlantic Academy is part of the Launceston College Multi Academy Trust. The Trust comprises of three secondary schools and three primaries; including Launceston Primary School which will open in September 2021. The three secondary schools, Launceston College, Bideford College and Atlantic Academy, work closely together to ensure that all students have access to high quality education which prepares them for future life.

The Trust's Vision:

The Trust's vision is for young people to become happy, responsible and successful by learning the knowledge, skills and value which are important for society.

The Trust seeks to develop adventurous students, who have the character, resilience and self-awareness required to be successful. The Trust has exceptionally high aspirations for our students, and seek to support them to be happy, successful and responsible young people, no matter what their background or circumstances.

Two students taking notes

The Trust's Principles:

1. We expect our students to challenge what they think they are capable of and exceed these expectations.

2. We have exceptionally high expectations for the behaviour and achievement of all students.

3. We never lower these expectations for anyone but increase the level of support for those who need it.

4. No student can take away another’s right to learn.

5. We have a relentless focus on the quality of our teaching and learning.

6. We say what we do and do what we say.

7. Our curriculum enables students to define their aspirations and then to achieve them.

8. Our students are prepared for learning and their learning prepares them for life.

9. Our students receive meaningful praise, have their achievements recognised and are proud of who they are.

10. We are driven by principles and rely on consistently applied, effective systems.