Our Mission

Atlantic Academy seeks to create a safe, caring, and supportive learning environment that allows for individual differences and learning styles to be celebrated.

Each student’s confidence, resilience and enthusiasm for learning is fostered by positive relationships with fellow students, staff and our broader community.

Our Values

Our students excel in individual ways.

Our students engage with their school community.

Our students are excited by opportunity and experience.

Our students enjoy looking after their wellbeing.

Our values - Excel - Engage - Excite - Enjoy
Child doing a science experiment

Excel: Valuing education and lifelong learning

  • Cater for all interests in the school environment and beyond, allowing students to develop a passion for creative and academic subjects.

  • Provide an environment that recognises and rewards success, and encourages students to take pride in personal achievements.

  • Help students recognise the purpose and value of education.

Child smiling with his thumb up

Engage: Valuing respect

  • Ensure every student and staff member has the respect to listen and has the opportunity to be heard.

  • Support equality, and embrace individual strengths and differences within the school community.

Students on their residential

Excite: Valuing curiosity and adventure

  • Encourage confidence, resilience and enthusiasm for the world beyond the classroom through participation in every opportunity and experience.

  • Encourage students to become global citizens.

Students at the start line ready to run off - for their PE lesson

Enjoy: Valuing wellbeing

  • Provide a nurturing and caring environment to equip students with the skills and strategies for living a healthy, safe and responsible life.

  • Surround students with nature to boost creativity, enjoyment, motivation and positivity.