Our curriculum reflects our ethos and ambition for all of our students.

We offer a distinctively broad, personalised and academically rigorous curriculum, and aspire to the highest standards of teaching and learning. We offer expert guidance and advice to students to help them shape and achieve their future goals without limitation.

At Atlantic Academy, we believe that all students are entitled to benefit from these opportunities, and we want to equip every student with the knowledge, skills and values they need to achieve the very best that they can.

If you have any further questions about our curriculum, please contact your childs subject teacher int he first instance.

Students doing paper mache

STEM Faculty

"Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world." Archimedes

Mathematics, science and IT are intrinsically linked, and so are our staff at Atlantic Academy. By planning and working together, we aim to add value to each of the disciplines within the team.

Culture Faculty

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart."

Nelson Mandela

We are all citizens of the world, and to understand our place, we need to learn about culture and history. The subject teachers of English, Humanities and Modern Foreign Languages work together to make links between, and enhance all of the subjects we teach.

CREATE Faculty

"Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change."

Barbara Januszkiewicz

The CREATE faculty comprises a range of subjects, including PE, art, DT, music, performing art and business studies. We aim for all students to excel, both in lessons and through extra curricular activities.